Brian Kennedy
President and CEO, Buck Institute for Research on Aging

It is my privilege to recommend Leslie Belingheri. As Special Projects Coordinator for the Buck Institute’s Marketing and Communication efforts, Leslie played a key role in the production of our award-winning annual reports, as well as brochures, faculty information and event collateral. She has many contacts in graphic design and print production which enabled us to produce superior products on time and on budget. From a broader perspective, Leslie has a unique and highly valuable perspective on marketing and branding that came through in everything she did for the Institute. I recommend her without hesitation.

Jordan Shields
Partner, Arrow Benefits Group

We worked with Elle Be Marcom on a branding and marketing project for a year. It was a challenge, but Leslie made it so much easier by bringing in the team we needed (all professional, all excellent), keeping us on track (very much needed with this group) and clearly outlining both the work and obstacles we would face. We could not have been more pleased with the way things turned out, and she did the whole thing with a smile on her face – and getting us to smile back. I recommend Elle Be Marcom completely to any company that needs to improve their message, their brand, their marketing and their overall presence.

Hae Yuon Kim
Creative Director and Designer specializing in publications design, art direction, and production.

Leslie is an excellent manager of complex marketing/communications projects. She is highly personable, able to navigate the needs of diverse stakeholders, gaining their trust and cooperation. My design firm was brought in to help the Buck Institute on its annual report in 2012. Leslie demonstrated leadership in corralling a complex project with many participants, able to distill and prioritize huge amounts of information to achieve marketing/communications goals. Everyone on the team counts on her to lead with humor and grace under pressure

Derek Knell
Graphic Communications, Project Management

Leslie is a smart, thoughtful and a highly effective professional. She is one of the most creative thinking problem-solvers I have ever met. As team leader, she doesn’t just look for quick fixes, she looks at the long-term strategy as well as how other areas e.g. design, budgeting and time management will be affected. I highly recommend working with Leslie because she is very reliable, professional and will get things done right.

Kris Rebillot
Director of Communications at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Leslie is a crackerjack marketing and communications professional. Brochures, newsletters and award-winning annual reports — her expertise insured they looked great, served their intended purpose and came in on-budget. She is direct, resourceful and fun to work with.