The Define, Develop, Deliver, and Dazzle Process


Often clients need a series of projects produced to promote a particular event. The EBM DDDD process allows us to determine what clients really need, create a plan of action and establish in what order we should deliver those items to be most effective.


> Discovery, Research, Consultation

> Goal Setting (objectives, budget, schedule)

In this phase, we discuss brand attributes, target audience, purpose, copy points, and call-to-action. If more research is needed to launch the project, EBM communicates with internal and/or external stakeholders, people who are familiar with the company/organization. EBM will audit current materials and those of the competitors.


> Art & Design (art direction, image research, mood boards, color scheme)

> Design Implementation (placing content into a layout/or web site)

All the collected information from the “Define” stage is synthesized into a creative brief which is the roadmap that outlines “who, what, where, when and why” for the creative team. A creative team will be assembled depending on the scope of the project, which could include: a graphic designer, media content/video producer, copywriter, photographer, illustrator, programmer, and/or a PR specialist.

After the creative brief and budget are approved, we launch the project with the creative team. Depending on the project scope, there will be 1-3 rounds of presentations. Together we’ll identify the most promising designs, which will be refined before you give your final approval.


> Production (files are finalized for print/online)

> Professional Proofing

> Print Management & Delivery (Competitive bids, envelopes, mailing groups)

EBM is known for being extremely organized, which avoids mistakes, saving clients money while ensuring great quality. Projects are delivered on budget and on time.


> Results Analysis (Were the objectives met that were stated in creative brief?)

The necessity of having a memorable, consistent “look and feel” for your brand is more important than ever. To dazzle, is to “greatly impress by being very attractive or exciting”. Integrated good-looking materials raise awareness and establishes preference; leading to increased sales/donations, retention of customers/donors and higher revenues. Today, whether you are extending your brand with new products or services, seeking to revitalize your image, or just need a brochure, the DDDD process works, resulting in branding projects that are elegant and effective.