Who are you? What do you do? Why does it matter?

Can you answer all 3 of these questions?  With unambiguous answers? Ones that are compelling and are easy to remember? If you can, then you already have the start of a great brand. But the fact is, most people cannot answer all 3 easily. And, you guessed it, that’s how Elle Be Marcom can help. Below is the process we use to help you answer these questions and therefore, create a new brand or rejuvenate an existing one.

Learning what perceptions your donors and/or customers have of your brand is also essential. Why? Because much of your brand story is their story – what their experience and relationship is with you, what benefits they receive from you. This is your brand promise. This is combined with the answers to the 3 questions, is what guides us in creating a creative and credible brand story – a story your audiences will understand and believe.

Phase 1: Define  – Discovery and Research

We want to know everything. Competitive businesses and organizations are researched and analyzed. A brand audit of past efforts is conducted. Organizational charts are created. A preliminary creative brief including your mission, vision, audiences, obstacles/misconceptions, objectives & goals, key messages & benefits, and calls-to-action is developed.

Phase 2: Develop – Analysis and Concepting

Differentiation is the name of the game. Phase 2 begins with analysis of what we learned in Phase 1. Then, we work to tease out what makes your brand stand out in the minds of your audiences. Branding expert and author, Marty Neumeier, says, “Brand management is the management of differences, not as they exist on paper, but as they exist in the minds of people. Because a brand is not what you say it is, it is what they say it is.”  We interview stakeholders to learn about their experience with your organization and the perceptions they hold of your brand. Preliminary brand elements and designs are developed. The end result will be a strategic document which includes the building blocks of a brand foundation (aka communication tools). Together, we evaluate and refine these until we arrive at your final brand foundation and strategy.

Phase 3: Deliver – Development and Implementation

Here’s where the fun begins. We design, produce and implement your communications and marketing tools — from new names & taglines, identity & logos, annual reports, sales collateral, to video production, website development and social media tactics. These elements are created to launch your new brand while also staying on track with your budget.

Phase 4: Dazzle – Evolve, Enhance, Excite

The story must never end. As your industry changes, your brand needs to evolve as well to keep your stakeholders, clients and donors excited and engaged. Innovation, communication and education are the pillars of delighting your customers. Together we will evaluate your current marketing efforts & tools to review what is working, where there are opportunities for improvement, and make recommendations for your brand’s evolution and enhancement.