Does your company or nonprofit offer products or services that solve a complex problem?

If so, we can help!

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We specialize in working with:

  • Businesses with Hard-to-Explain Business Models
  • Companies or Non-Profits that are in a transformative phase
  • Non Profit Organizations or Agencies that want to better engage with their stakeholders through an annual report

When Clients come to Elle Be Marcom they often say:

We need to develop and establish our brand.

We need to refresh our brand and better communicate our value.

We need a strategic marketing plan.

We need to grow our business.

We need reach new customers or donors.

We need to create a way to organize our brands and a way to make decisions.

We do not have the expertise or staff to complete all the marcom action items needed by this date.

We need an annual report.

We need to create a new identity including a new name and logo.

We need collateral.

We need a new website.

We need to produce some videos to help drive traffic our website.

Can you help us with social media?